Kent and Medway Business Charter was formally launched by the Growth Hub at Kent Vision Live in May 2016

The Better Business for All Partnership Charter

Regulators and Business Partnership Charter:

This is a voluntary undertaking between Kent & Medway Regulatory Services and local businesses.


To have good relationships between businesses and regulators built upon mutual trust


This a Charter that outlines the standards of commitment that can be expected of all Kent & Medway Regulatory Services to all our local businesses.

It gives guidance on what you can expect from your regulator and provides information on how to contact the right person for advice.

It outlines how businesses can equally commit to working in cooperation with regulators, allowing regulators to focus more resource on rogue traders.

To work together to find the most cost effective methods of achieving legal compliance

Regulatory partners will commit to:

Encourage local economic growth by helping businesses to comply with their legal requirements inthe most cost effective way
Make things easy for businesses to get advice from them in the first instance 

Explain the reason for each visit to businesses
Carry out regulatory activity in a fair, helpful transparent, proportionate and consistent way 

Co-ordinate services, as much as possible, to minimise unnecessary overlaps and duplication
Consult with businesses and local business groups,when developing policies, plans and service standards

Promote Better Business for All with businesses, consumers and regulators
Have appeal and mediation options in place when businesses are unhappy with a regulator.

Local businesses will commit to:

Seek advice from Kent & Medway Regulatory Services on matters of compliance inthe first instance
Encourage other businesses to contact regulatory services for advice

Work with Kent & Medway Regulatory Services to achieve a satisfactory outcome
Wherever possible,take part in publicity when they feel an improvement has been made to their business through an engagement with a Kent & Medway Regulatory Service

Give feedback and opinions on the website on how regulators can improve on their regulatory systems
Use Better Business for All as a guide to better business support.

Download the Business Charter pdf.

Better Business for All (BBfA) logo

Mike Overbeke (on the left), head of Public Protection at Kent County Council, Jane Heeley (in the middle) Chief Environmental Health Officer, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Tudor Price (on the left), Head of Business Development, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, at the launch of the Kent and Medway Business Charter, which paves the way to develop a closer working relationship between local business leaders and regulators to maintain public safety while helping promote business and boost local economic growth through the area.

Business Charter launch